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Below are the latest news articles from APG:

  • 09:57, 26 December 2016

    APG World Connect 2016

    The APG World Connect conference was held in Monaco on the 2-4th November 2016.  This year, we welcomed over 430 participants i...

  • 10:49, 24 November 2016

    APG attends AFRAA conference in Victoria Falls

    The AFRAA conference was held in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe between the 20th and 22nd of November 2016. AFRAA is the Africa’s larg...

  • 02:58, 17 November 2016

    APG Attends the ALTA conference

    The ALTA Leader Conference was held in Mexico City between 13-15 NOV 2016. APG Network are an affiliate member of ALTA and were...

  • 10:09, 15 September 2016

    APG Airlines: our brand new airline

    Today APG is pleased to announce the launch of APG Airlines and the reactivation of its IET interline e-ticketing product.

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About APG Network

With over 100 offices covering over 170 countries, APG is the world's largest and most successful GSA airline representation network, partnering with over 200 valued airline clients.

More than a GSA, APG offers a holistic approach to airline distribution, offering not only airline representation but also interline e-ticketing solutions, fare filing, BSP support services as well as other airline distribution solutions, all aimed at maximising an airline's revenue potential. The APG Network is indeed, “The World’s Leading Network for Airline Services.”


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