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A Word from our President

RB President Framed

President, Richard Burgess

It took us over 20 years to build the APG Network, the leading worldwide network for commercial and distribution services.

We had three key objectives: 

- To be global, and to be present in all the key markets in the world, a task we have now achieved with the network now covering over 170 countries.

 - To be the best in each market, and having now linked key independent players in each country, we have highly experienced managers and a very strong presence in all areas covered by the network. 

To maintain a close relationship with IATA, which is most strongly highlighted through the IBCS programme (IATA BSP Consolidator System), an idea which was created by APG and which, in partnership with IATA, became a worldwide product, used by over 150 airlines and which has now evolved into the ABCS product offering full support services for BSP participation.

APG is organized on a worldwide basis with a single country member per country with a managing Commercial Team and a Board, headed by the President and which includes one Vice President per major world geographical area plus one Executive Product Director per product. 

APG truly represents a global network built on local experience.