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The Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization. To reflect our worldwide presence, the Board is composed of 12 elected country members, 3 per major area: The Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific. Each region is headed up by a Vice President, with the President overseeing the entire network.

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President APG Network, Richard Burgess

Richard Burgess has extensive airline experience, including heading up sales for a major Chinese airline in several European countries. Now part of APG for over 10 years, he serves as President having previously served as Vice President Europe and Executive Product Director for GSSA services


Vice President – Europe, Ferzan Unlusoy

Ferzan Ünlüsoy has enjoyed over 28 years in the aviation industry, including 6 years as Head of Sales for British Airways in Turkey. Ferzan not only heads up APG Turkey, but also serves on the Board of APG and as Vice President, Europe, looks after the region within the APG Network. Ferzan Ünlüsoy has experience not only in airline business but also in hotels, cruise lines, car rental and travel insurance.

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Board Member – Europe, Kees-Jan Van Der Velden

With offices in Netherlands, Belgium, Georgia, Sweden and Denmark. Kees-Jan is more than 25 years in GSA , touroperator business.Serving the board siince 4 year and is also member of the advisory comittee and shareholder of APG Inc.


Board Member – Europe, Dorin Ivascu

With more than 30 years in the aviation industry, Dorin was previously director for Tarom in Libya, Singapore, UK, North America. Back in Romania since almost 28 years, he is now sharing his expertise within APG in Europe, as well as investor in some other aviation businesses : flying school, pilotshop, IATA Training Center (ATC), procedure design & travel agency.  

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Board Member –  VP The Americas, Raul Carlos Roca

Based In Buenos Aires, Argentina , 40 years of airline experience in representing airlines in Latin America, and has served  as Manager of several airlines on-line and  off-line.. Raul  not only heads up APG Argentina/Paraguay & Uruguay, but also serves on the Board of APG and as Vice President, The Americas , looks after the region within the APG Network.

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Board Member – Americas, Eduardo Baquero

Over 30 years in the aviation industry. Started as Commercial Director of Aeropostal. Along the years his company has been in charge of a number of carriers from around the world, both onnline and off-line. Has also represented other major tourism related products. Eduardo covers as APG, 26+ countries-territories of the Latin america & Caribbean 

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Board Member - Americas, Gustavo De Hostos

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Vice President – Asia Pacific, Tunku Iskandar

Based in Malaysia, with over 40 years experience in the travel & tourism industry, including heading local, regional and international industry organisations that have included governments, airlines, hotels and travel agencies, Tunku Iskandar heads APG Malaysia, and is also Board Member & Vice President, Asia-Pacific of APG Network and also Senior Advisory Committee Member of APG Inc.

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Board Member – Asia Pacific, Masud Khan

Mr. Masud M. Khan is a recognized personality of Aviation Industry in Pakistan and having more than 35 years experience in airline business. He is also on the board of directors of  the Overseas Pakistani Foundation, Honorary Consul General of Lithuania in Pakistan and a Board member of APG Network.

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Board Member – Asia Pacific, Adam Watson

Located in Sydney Australia and a member of the APG Network for over 15 years. With over 40 years’ experience in the Tourism & Aviation industries. Operated in the GSA arena since 1995 and launched Emirates operations into Australia. Previously holding senior management roles with Singapore Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Daikyo Tourism & Leisure.

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Board Member – Middle East & Africa, Eyad El Qirem

Based in Amman, Jordan, Jordanian businessman with a distinguished investment portfolio for over 20 years, further to his diversified experience in the travel and tourism industry, Eyad Al Qirem leveraged his comprehensive investment & extensive experience and channeled it towards founding Al Tahadi Travel group 12 years ago, he is associated with several managerial positions in numerous sectors Locally, Regionally & Globally.

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Board Member - Middle East & Africa, Lorino Rodrigues

Based in Maputo, Mozambique and a Mozambican businessman with an investment over the last two years in Travel and tourism Industry and agribusiness ,Lorino Rodrigues has develop comprehensive investment & extensive experience and channeled it towards founding Hodlias Holdings, SA, primarily a consulting business over the recent years and then Travel and Agribusiness Trading. Over the years has taken Sales & Marketing Managerial position both in Mozambique and Nigeria in Transport Industry.