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Joining APG

APG Network Policy & Organisation

APG Network’ policy is to appoint one single member per country (or BSP area), so as to ensure both the best possible sales coverage for the airlines represented and the highest level of professional practice.

The Board of APG Network is composed of 14 members representing all geographical regions and headed by the President.

To complement its coverage and its portfolio of specialized services, selected providers are enrolled as APG Network Allied and Service Partners, covering the entire spectrum of airline requirements.

Joining APG Network
APG Network has established a network of like minded and qualified members around the world to facilitate the mutual exchange of business opportunities.


Two programs are available :

Country Membership: open to active GSSAs on a one single member per IATA BSP (Billing & Settlement Plan) basis.

Allied Membership: open to individuals and organisations involved in the aviation industry who can benefit from the global reach of the APG Network.


Country membership Benefits :

- Acts as primary processor of ABCS contracts in the defined territory

- Acquisition of new airline representation contracts from other Country and Allied members

- Affords the member an “instant” international network

- Allows the member to sell travel industry related products so as to broaden its business base

- Access to proprietary market analysis and information


Allied Member Benefits

APG Network, with coverag in over 170 countries, has become the most important sales and marketing platform for companies wishing to reach the airline industry worldwide.

- Acquisition of new airline contracts

- Wide opportunities for easy access and contacts in the countries and markets covered by the APG offices

- Instant international sales force availability

- Access to proprietary market analysis and information