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Service Partners

AIC Service & Call Center

AIC is a multilingual customer service center located in Germany, which achieves higher customer satisfaction for its clients through outstanding integrative competence at increased cost efficiency.

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Expertise consisting of fully owned GSSAs with up to 20 years of experience in air cargo, the ECS group offers the air cargo industry worldwide knowledge and experience with a complete cargo outsourcing solution. 

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Hitit Computer Services

Travel industry is receiving its share of opportunities from increasing global Internet access and related software technologies. With the liberation Internet and new software technologies have brought in, today’s industry players have wider variety of options. From the times, even selling ancillaries was considered an innovation, today we discuss personalized direct sales, social media, mobility and how to best plan a holiday end-to-end.

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JLB Conseil

Expertise in the Air Transport Industry since 40 years.



Lusigny Consultants

Lusigny is a Cyprus-based Company, established and developed by commercial pilots with a combined experience in excess of fifty years to deliver documentation solutions specifically for the aviation industry and other regulated industries.

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Webpro D.O.O.

Our goal is to assist companies in building online strategies that follow investments and development, as well as to predict and guide clients’ reactions. We are committed to finding the most effective solutions for displaying your brand to the desired target group. We understand that the Internet provides new opportunities for growth and business advancement, as well as access to new markets. 

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