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How to join

Functional Description:

On June 1, 2008, IATA discontinued support of paper tickets in all BSPs worldwide, accepting only Electronic tickets after that date. Today, most paper ticket interline agreements between airlines have been cancelled and many carriers are scrambling to replace them with IET agreements. The interline revenue lost in the transition from paper interline agreements to IET is estimated between 2% and 20% of Interline revenue turnover. Interline revenue account for 13.7% of airline revenues industry wide. APG IET allows all joining airlines access to ticketing by travel agents in the ARC and 100 BSPs covering covering more than 145 countries worldwide. Additionally, it gives member carriers the ability to interline via GP-275 with all those airlines that have, or will join, the APG IET program.

Target Audience:

All airlines, large and small need APG IET. No airline is distributed in all BSPs; big carriers have reduced their interline partner lists, and small airlines are having trouble obtaining the interline e-ticketing agreements that they need.


- An airline joining APG IET signs one single reciprocal interline e-ticketing agreement or concurs via the MITA with APG Airlines (GP-275) to be connected with GP and all of its IET partners

- Once the IET agreement is signed, APG will develop the required electronic links with the signing carrier.

- IATA/ARC travel agencies can issue Interline E-Tickets through all major GDS using the GP code on mutiple carriers.

- Participating airlines will be paid on the usual Interline settlement basis according to the standard IATA rules, either via the IATA Clearing House (ICH), ACH (Airline Clearing House in the USA) or via bilateral invoicing between the involved partner and GP.


- Scheduled airline

- Electronic Ticketing capable


- No large investment in your own IET solution

- Ticketing access, via APG Airlines (GP-275), to travel agents in ARC and over than 100 BSPs covering more than 145 countries worldwide

- Gives member carriers the ability to interline, via GP-275, with all those airlines that have, or will join, the APG IET program.

- Variable cost bases... You Pay as You Earn!


- No implementation fees from APG, integration fee (variable) levied by the interline carrier's E-ticketing service provider

- 9% Interline Service Charge (ISC) paid when an Interline passenger is delivered, billed through the ICH/ACH or bilateraly between the airlines