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APG AIRLINES ADM policy applies worldwide.


Reasons for issuance of ADM:


-       Unreported sales

-       Incorrect commission levels

-       Tickets issued with credit cards not accepted as form of payment by the airline

-       Under collected taxes / Undercollected YQ or YR taxes

-       Under collected fares or incorrect fares (Sales Restricts rubric in the fare rules have to be checked before issuance of a 275 ticket.)

-        IT / negotiated fares / private fares /corporate fares  when GP is not the operating airline

-       Double refunds (via BSP Link and manual)

-       Over refunded tickets

-       Credit card chargebacks / Fraudulent use of the credit card

-       Re-issuance without endorsements of other airline tickets

-       Incorrect booking class used

-       Cancellation fees, exchange fees or administration fees indicated in fare rules not deducted or collected on refunds and exchanged

-       Interline e-tickets issued when no interline agreement exists

-       Ticket issued with an OPEN segment status whereas the fare basis does not permit OPEN segments

-       Ticket issued with a NON CONFIRMED segment whereas the fare basis demands all segments to be confirmed.



APG AIRLINES will apply an ADM issue fee of 10EUR per ADM or equivalent in local currency and another additional 25EUR fee per ticket, or its equivalent in local currency, will be added in case of ADM issued for chargeback/credit card fraud.

APG AIRLINES confirms that all ADMs can be disputed in BSP Link. Before the acceptation or the rejection of the related dispute in BSP Link, the airline or its representative will establish a correspondence with the agents.

APG AIRLINES reserves the right to change any of these requirements with 15 days advance notification.