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  • Emitt 2013 image
    Posted: 29 January 2013 00:00

    Emitt 2013

    APG Network was present in Istanbul at the East Mediterranean International Travel & Tourism Exhibition 2013 (EMITT) by the presence of APG Turkey. The Visitors of the 5th largest tourism exhibition in the world ...

  • APG IET Rewards image
    Posted: 29 January 2013 00:00

    APG IET Rewards

    In 2013, APG IET wants to thank the Travel Agents who work with us, who trust us. For that, we decided to reward the best Travel agent worldwide each month. The rewards is an ACM of 1% of the month net sales!

  • APG IET new website is now live! image
    Posted: 04 January 2013 00:00

    APG IET new website is now live!

    James W. Foster, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the APG Network, the world’s largest organization for airline distribution services, announced that APG IET has now a new website live. With a new design and new t...

  • Air Mali ceases operations image
    Posted: 03 January 2013 00:00

    Air Mali ceases operations

     Air Mali (I5) suspended its remaining limited operations on December 24, 2012. For all legs issued on YO-747 stock, you can send us the refund application through the BSP Link and we'll proceed to the full refund.