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APG IET new website is now live!

04 January 2013 00:00 APG IET new website is now live! image

James W. Foster, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the APG Network, the world’s largest organization for airline distribution services, announced that APG IET has now a new website live. With a new design and new tools, this new website is more functional than the old one.

The new website is dedicated to both Airlines and Travel agents, with 2 parts “How to join” and “Ticketing”.

The head office in Paris can directly be contacted by e-mail through the website on the “Help Desk” part.

Of course, all information about APG IET clients and BSPs, procedures,… can be found on the website.

APG IET Product Manager, Sandrine de Saint Sauveur, reminded that joining the APG IET program permits airlines to use YO-747 neutral E-Ticketing in over 70 IATA Billing and Settlement Plans (BSPs) globally and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) in the United States, covering more than 140 countries, in which they may not be participants themselves. Thereby, the airlines widen their marketing reach to over 82,000 IATA and ARC accredited travel agents. In addition, the airlines get access to the growing pool of Interline carriers using the APG IET service.

APG IET is open to all IATA and non IATA scheduled airlines, with the sole condition that they are “E-Ticketing eligible” on GDS.

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