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APG IET in PASRA Express 2013

25 April 2013 00:00 APG IET in PASRA Express 2013 image

Pasra is a professional organization for Sales Representatives and Sales Managers of Passenger Airlines established or represented in the Netherlands. Every year the Pasra organizes the Pasra Airline Express in The Netherlands. During this annual event, about 40 airlines promote their airline to a large amount of agents in an environment special made for airlines and agents. The agents are divided in groups. Every group will meet with an airline for 15 minutes. The airline give them a presentation about new destinations, the fares, in flight service and entertainment etc. and answer all the questions the agent’s may have. Some presentations include a quiz, so the agent’s can win something. At the end of the evening, 2 airline tickets will be handed out to the winner of the question list the agent’s receive at the beginning of the evening. At the beginning of the evening, the agents will enjoy a delicious dinner. All together it is a very nice and educational evening for the agent’s, and also for the airlines.

Elise Post and Wim Jaap from APG Netherlands were present to introduce YO and APG IET. Many agents were very interested in the IET program and those who already knew APG IET were happy to share their good experience with the IET program.

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