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Insurance Denied Boarding

01 January 2014 00:00 Insurance Denied Boarding image

With APG IET, ticket on 747: Your passengers are now insured


                If a 747 ticket is not accepted by the operating airline due to technical reasons and your passenger has to buy a new ticket at the airport, our new insurance refunds:

-          The difference between the new ticket and the 747 ticket up to 125€ per pax , as well as all unused coupons,

-          Hotel accommodation and meals up to 75€ per pax

-          Transfer fees up to 50€ per pax




-          General black out at check in time

-          Black listed airlines

-          No show of the pax, delayed or cancelled flights


How to request a refund:

Passengers have to send the claim within 3 working days after the flight with:

-          Invoice of the 747 ticket and invoice of new ticket

-          A copy of the new ticket

-          Receipt of hotel/meal/transfer paid

-          Certificate of the carrier with the reason of the non-embarkation

-          Claim to be sent by e-mail at

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