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APG events in Ecuador

07 December 2015 14:30 APG events in Ecuador image

In November 2015 APG Ecuador attended to an event and organized two year-end diners.

On November 18 was held in Quito a show organized by « MyM »  which is one of the most important travel agencies in Ecuador, where many airlines and tour operators were present, gathering together about 200 visitors from the tourism industry. APG Ecuador had the opportunity to attend the event with a stand, and thus provide visitors all the information about the IET product. Goodies were distributed for this occasion.

APG Ecuador Events 2 NOV15

Still in Quito APG Ecuador organized on November 19 a year-end diner to express their gratitude to travel agents for their support all year round 2015. The 42 participants were able to attend the presentation of the IET product and the APG videos, accompanied by a delicious meal and gifts were distributed.

APG Ecuador Events 3 NOV15

Finally, on November 26, APG Ecuador also organized a year-end dinner in Guayaquil to express their appreciation towards the 36 travel agents present at the event. They were pleased with the informations provided about the IET product as well as the lunch and distributed gifts.

These three events were a huge success among all participants.

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