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Events in Hungary

30 November 2015 09:18 Events in Hungary image

APG Hungary organized 3 events during the month of November 2015.

November 11, several travel agents attended the IET product presentation in the HRG travel agency office, followed by discussions which helped to deepen knowledge of the IET product.

2 events were held on November 24,

One took place at the AMEX office and was a great success with participants who were able to attend the presentation of the IET product and benefit from a multitude of additional information that fully met their expectations.

And the other, which was organized as a business lunch at the restaurant « Első Pesti Rétesház Kávéház » with the direction of OTP Travel, one of the Hungarian leaders tour operators. Products APG IET, ABCS and GSSA were presented as well as the airlines present on the Hungarian market. This Year-end dinner was a great success with participants who appreciated the Christmas gifts distributed at the end of the event.

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