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CCS - Robert Thurow
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CCS - Robert Thurow

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CUSTOMER Centre Services

CCS is a Multilingual Call Center Solution that can be tailored for every type of airline. Our proven professional customer contact management offering includes comprehensive back office services that will improve your customer loyalty and differentiate your company from competitors. CCS includes call and email services for your customers, 24/7 opening hours, all time zone coverage, 20 languages available from native speakers with profound airline experience, flexible hotline solutions for unexpected situations and proven infrastructure safety.


Functional Description

All travelers, whether for business or pleasure, want rapid answers and solutions - fast and accurate. Even in times of increasing internet usage, customers still use the telephone for reservations and information requirements. Professional customer contact handling ensures a satisfying customer experience with the airline and differentiates it from competitors. Especially when on the move, flexible, “hotline” solutions validate a positive brand experience with the airline; e.g. excess or special baggage requirements, seat reservations, strikes, website problems of a technical nature, flight cancellations, and much more.

  • Airline professionals with 20 languages by native speakers at each call center location
  • “Single-point-processing”: Comprehensive contact management including the call itself and after-call work - finalizing the request in a single call
  • Email communication in all languages
  • Social Media communication in all languages
  • Accessibility covering all time zones according to opening hours
  • Differentiated handling of customers: B2C, B2B, High-status customers
  • Managing customer contacts from low-price to premium passengers
  • Dedicated Project Manager and Supervisor per airline
  • Experienced and well trained staff with deep insights into the airline business
  • All secured processes “Made in Germany”.


 Specific Offers for your Airline

APG CCS might be a solution for your entire customer care management, covering all services, all target and customer groups, all languages and regions, which you and your customers require

You do not need a general solution? Choose a specific offer, i.e. customer service for “additional languages” only, “out of office hours”, “special customers”, “selective regions” or whatever individual solution you need. Talk to us about a tailored offer for your specific requirements.


Target Audience

All airlines, large and small need APG CCS for worldwide professional customer contact management with flexible opening hours and “hotline” solutions. Despite the rise of the Internet, many customers still use the phone for contacting the airline.



CCS offers the following services:

  • Reservations and Ticketing
  • Helpdesk Line
  • Customer service
  • Complaint management (logging and solving complaints)
  • Special Service Requests (SSR)
  • Baggage Tracing
  • Schedule Changes
  • BSP/IBCS Management
  • Flight refunds / Refund Management
  • Dispatching confirmations and travel documents
  • Optional: Operation of customer reward programs / FFP
  • Available Languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Dari, Farsi, Dutch, German (all staff), Hindi, English (all staff), French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
  • Security: Breakdown prevention management systems in place, secured infrastructure in terms of power supply and telecoms network, Data Security Officer on site.



  • Extension of your customer service by offering 18 languages and 24/7 availability.
  • Covering all communication channels; telephone, email, social media
  • Well-trained call center agents with robust airline experience
  • Professional customer contact handling with focus on immediate solutions
  • Proven infrastructure safety “Made in Germany”
  • 20 years of airline experience



  • Reasonably priced initial setup fee
  • Pay-on-use cost on a “per Minute” basis with price scales.

Key Figures

- 18 languages by native speakers

- 24/7 availability – world-wide coverage

- Covering all services for customers

- One-stop-solution: finalizing customer’s issues in one call

- Customer contacts by telephone, emails and social media

- Proven infrastructure safety

- Pay-on-use cost basis




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