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ACTP - Thibault Lenoir

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- Why use UATP?

UATP is a form of payment used to consolidate corporate travel expenses and is accepted by all major airlines around the world. 

- How does an airline participate in ACTP?

Firstly, the airline has to accept UATP as a form of payment and become a UATP Merchant:

Secondly, the airline has to appoint APG to administer this travel payment solution called ACTP.

- What is APG’s role?

APG is the administrator of the ACTP program:

1) Enable the issuance of co-branded UATP cards to corporate subscribers

2) Risk assessment made on corporate subscribers

3) Insure the payment of all sales generated with co-branded UATP cards.

4) Administer UATP’s central billing system called DataStream:

5) Insure the access to UATP’s transaction portal called DataMine:

6) Bring training and local support

- What does co-branding mean?

The airlines participating in the ACTP program will be able to issue, via Heli Air Monaco (YO-747), UATP cards with their logo and offer these cards to their corporate customers and prospects.

- What is the cost?

For the corporate customer, this form of payment is free of charge. For the airline, 3% will be deducted from sales made on the carrier’s tickets and paid with a co-branded UATP card.

- How are transactions processed?

UATP is accepted like any other credit card payment in GDS:

- Agencies book tickets via their GDS

- GDS submits an authorization inquiry to UATP

- An approval code is sent back to the GDS which enables the sale to go through

- The UATP card issuer (Heli Air Monaco) settles via ICH all transactions in favor of airline carriers accepting UATP as a form of payment

- A statement is sent to the corporate customer listing all the transactions charged on its UATP co-branded card

- The corporate customer pays the statement based on the terms agreed upon with the UATP card issuer (Heli Air Monaco)

- What sort of data is collected by airlines participating in ACTP?

Partner airlines have access to Level III data also known as PNR data (Currency type, point of sale name and IATA nb, ticket nb, date of ticket issuance, cost of ticket, place of Issue, passenger name, PNR nb, flight date, origin and destination).

- Is there an online reporting tool?

Partner airlines have access to UATP’s transaction portal called Datamine:

- Who to contact for more information?

Please contact the EPD contact details as above.

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In 2012, the annual UATP volume reached USD13 billion worldwide, a 100% increase in 7 years. UATP now saves the airline industry in excess of USD200 million in credit card costs per annum.


The following example carriers trust UATP:

Bangkok Airways

Air India

Garuda Indonesia




Biman Bangladesh

Air Algerie


* The above carriers are all example UATP merchants and accept UATP as a form of payment for corporate business travel.