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IBCS - Emilie Biggerstaff

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IATA BSP Consolidator system

IBCS, developed jointly by IATA and the APG Network in 1999 to widen BSP membership, permits scheduled airlines (whether IATA members or not) to join any BSP worldwide on a variable cost, “Pay as you Earn” basis, with nominal joining fees. The BSP system, operating in 83 locations covering over 140 countries, has accredited 64,000 travel agents. APG Network has introduced more than 250 airlines to BSP membership in both “Online” and “Offline” markets and has over 1,100 activated IBCS contracts in force in the BSPs around the world.


Tony Tyler, President of IATA (Video)

“APG provides a great way for our airline members to distribute their product much more widely than they could do otherwise, because often participating in the BSP is an expensive prospect if you don’t have high volumes; but APG provides a way that airlines can do that, so it’s a real value add for the industry.”



- Full BSP membership in a program backed by IATA

- Features BSP membership on a “Pay as you Earn” variable cost basis without major capital expenditure

- Affords automated neutral E-ticket issuance via GDS

- Remittance on BSP payment cycle directly to the airline

- IBCS carriers can participate in the IATA Currency Clearance System (ICCS) - allows payment in choice of currency and country

- IBCS airlines are eligible to join the IATA Card Clear, Card AXS systems giving worldwide access to Visa and MasterCard clearance

- No long term contracts – On 90 day notice, conversion to normal BSP without penalty

Key Figures

Offers access to over 64,000 IATA accredited travel agents in 83 BSPs worldwide.  Currently 140 active IBCS airlines in 77 BSPs with APG and with over 1100 implemented IBCS contracts.


Recent APG IBCS clients:


ARKIA Israeli Airlines

Oman Air

Siberia Airlines

Meridiana Fly

China Southern Airlines

Uzbekistan Airways

Royal Brunei Airlines

Kenya Airways

Transaero Airlines

TAAG Angola Airlines